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In your own words.

In any language.

In your own words - in any language.

Whatever you have to say to the world, InTra finds the right words for you. InTra gets your message across, clearly expressed and straight to the point in whichever language you need.

We have been helping our customers communicate with the world for over 40 years now. InTra works with over 150 specialized translators and is able to produce any style of text in practically any subject area ‒ from business correspondence to long contracts and multilingual maintenance manuals. InTra's quality translations read exactly like original texts.

InTra's dynamic structure enables us to respond flexibly and individually to your requirements. Our specialized translators analyze what it is you want to say and ensure that your message is put across accurately and in just the right style for its native speaker recipients. The texts which are produced at the end of this process are as unique as our customers' requirements.

Overview of services


Demanding specialist texts can only be translated by people who have in-depth knowledge of their subject areas and years of experience, as well as an outstanding command of the language. InTra has been doing this for over 40 years now.

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It happens all the time: reading through an e-mail you sent just the day before you spot a mistake in the very first line. That might not particularly matter in e-mails sent to colleagues, but it can add enormously to the cost of printing glossy brochures and catalogs.

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Terminology Management

The accuracy and intelligibility of translations, and specialist texts in particular, depend mainly on the right use of the terminology customary in the industry. InTra translators are aware of this requirement and produce their translations using customer-tailored glossaries. We also prepare and provide terminology at the request of our customers.

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Translations often need to be authenticated before submission to public authorities or courts. InTra knows exactly what special requirements certified translations need to meet and takes care of all the formalities.

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Interpreters not only repeat what they hear word for word, they also convey the precise nuances of the spoken word ‒ in other words, not just what is said, but also what is implicit.

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Foreign language typesetting

Proofreading and translation are just two of the steps on the way to producing an impressive final product. Ultimately, the way your business is perceived in the market also depends on graphic design and the way your texts are formatted.

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Key Sectors

Banking, finance & insurance

Banking, finance and insurance texts often deal with extremely complex issues. What's more, banks, insurance companies and management consultancies often also use their documents as their calling cards.

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Lawyers, patent attorneys & notaries

However varied the documents used in the administration of justice, for patents or in public authorities may be, they all have one thing in common: they all deal with legal actions which have a very real effect on the world and have a lasting impact on people's lives. So legal texts must be written with absolute precision and ‒ in cross-border legal transactions ‒ translated with equal precision into the target language.

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Mechanical & process engineering

Companies operating on international markets produce a huge number of technical texts, from the design phase to product development and sales. Documents and texts are produced for a wide range of different target groups ‒ from foreign subsidiaries to business partners and customers.

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Marketing, advertising, communications

Advertising and communication specialists use a combination of language and visual images to create texts that address very specific target groups. Translating texts of this kind is one of the most demanding aspects of translating ‒ and one which requires translators to take on a creative role all of their own.

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Life sciences and medicine

There can be few other fields in which communication has such an immediate impact on peoples' lives as medicine and the life sciences. For a successful diagnosis, for example, it is essential that computer tomography settings are translated exactly right.

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Development cooperation & social services

NGOs and state-run or church-based development agencies inevitably engage with many international bodies, so they need translations on a regular basis – in many cases in non-European languages as well. Development agencies work in a wide variety of fields and consequently produce all sorts of different documents: strategy papers and conceptual frameworks, applications for project funding, monitoring and evaluation reports or guidelines for employees working abroad.

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Testimonials & References

"Finding the right text for a humorous sticker, the technical details for a superb refill for our glue dispensers, or retail and advertising texts which read well ‒ these are some of challenges which InTra takes on for HERMA. Their translators are native speakers with a masterly understanding of the tools of their trade. The InTra team show great organizational talent. As a client, one feels well looked after. That's what I call service. My warmest regards to the entire team."

Sabine Schultz, International Marketing, Herma

"We have been working with InTra eG for over 10 years and have always been satisfied with the translations they provide us. We are therefore glad to recommend the services of InTra eG."

Ingrid Knaust, Commerzbank

"InTra has been translating specialist texts from English, French and Spanish into German for GIZ's own language department in the field of development cooperation since 2008. Thanks to InTra's competent and friendly collaborative working style, its flexibility and commitment, its careful research and assured sense of style, we will doubtless continue to rely on the company's proven translation services in the future too."

Jonathan Phillips, Corporate Communications Head of Language Division (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH)

"InTra has been translating our lab technology product catalogs, contractual documents and quality assurance texts for many years. InTra has always proved to be an extremely reliable partner which produces top quality translations. We are very glad to recommend them."

Doris Jakobi, Print media and sales documents, Hettich Lab Technology

"InTra eG translates marketing texts and technically-oriented press releases for the Brose Group's corporate communications. InTra's translators consistently meet our stylistic requirements. At the same time, InTra eG has also established itself as a reliable partner by producing professional translations of standards, specifications and general technical documentation. We are glad to recommend InTra eG translating services."

Thomas Jörg, Development Standards Brose Group/Standardization

"For us InTra eG is a partner we can always get in touch with and rely on to provide translations when we need them. We are very glad to recommend this company"

Ulrich Frizlen, Public Auditors, Tax Consultants Bansbach Schübel Brösztl & Partner GmbH

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