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InTra ‒ at home in every language

From its offices in Stuttgart, InTra has been pooling the resources of specialist translators ever since it was founded as a cooperative in 1968. The 150-plus language professionals who work with InTra not only make the cooperative extremely flexible, they also contribute expertise in almost every subject area and language.

Distances are gradually becoming irrelevant in our globalized world. Business are no longer constrained by national borders and are increasingly acquiring customers abroad and cooperating with international business partners. Global communications are now taken for granted in a world in which the internet is now an important tool. Language is not just a tool for transmitting pure information ‒ it conveys attitudes, mentalities and values as well.

Are you keen to establish contacts with business partners in other countries, to negotiate contracts or to acquire new customers? The best way to make real contact with people in other countries is to communicate with them in their own language. We can help you to get your message across ‒ right down to the last details ‒ and to avoid misunderstandings. Our translators have years of experience living in other countries themselves, or have decided to make their permanent homes "abroad", giving them a finely-tuned sense of the customs, practices and mindsets which prevail in other parts of the world. Ultimately, striking the right note and finding just the right words is a matter of understanding people and the social and cultural settings in which they live.

Individual support and all-round service

As soon as a project gets off the ground, you will begin working directly with your InTra translator, who will be there to support you at every stage of the project. Our availability and short response times mean that we can clarify your queries and deal with your orders on time and with a minimum of fuss.

InTra is also an umbrella organization which combines the agility of a flexible small-scale business with the service capabilities of a large company. This means that in addition to the translation you need, you can also benefit from a range of additional services whenever you need them. These services range from foreign language typesetting and proofreading to authentication and terminology management. InTra is a business partner offering the full spectrum of language services from a single source.

We produce the words that get your message across

Our cooperative team fulfils its shared passion for languages every single day. Our members eagerly share their work-related ideas and insights with each other. In this way, abilities and specialist knowledge find their way into a pool of knowledge. This accumulated expertise benefits all the members of our cooperative ‒ and you, the customer, as well.


For over 40 years now, the name InTra has embodied an idea which is more relevant today than ever before: the idea of a mutually supportive network of experts all making their expert contributions and benefitting from the expertise of others.

As self-employed translators, InTra members offer their customers the whole gamut of services provided by the cooperative. InTra's head office supports the cooperative's members and takes time-consuming administrative work off their hands. InTra helps its members surmount the disadvantages faced by one-person businesses.

The InTra network at a glance:

  • InTra members are full-time professional translators who benefit from the advantages a team offers without giving up their autonomy.
  • InTra members no longer have to be entirely self reliant. They contribute their strengths and competences to the cooperative and benefit from the expertise of other members.
  • InTra members have access to the cooperative's resources and can offer their customers services they are not able to provide themselves.
  • InTra members can concentrate on serving their customers and on their core skill of translating ‒ the InTra head office in Stuttgart handles invoicing, prefinancing the payment of translators' fees and collection.
  • InTra members can draw on the cooperative's resources (advice, low-cost loans) if they wish to make larger-scale investments in business assets.
  • InTra members can take a real break from work whenever they choose: the head office and the cooperative's other members make sure that the member's customers are served as usual while that member is on holiday.
  • InTra members are co-proprietors of the cooperative and share in its profits.


Close working relationships with freelancers, characterized by mutual respect, are extremely important to InTra. We know that the quality of a translation depends not only on translating skills, but also on a translator's commitment to and integration in the entire project. This is one of the reasons why we help our freelancers do work for InTra by providing glossaries, reference material and other resources. Our freelancers are much more than just links in the supply chain, they make a valuable and extremely welcome contribution to InTra's network of experts.

Working as part of a high-performance team

If you are a successful self-employed translator and would like to offer your customers more services, of would like more opportunities to exchange ideas and tackle large-scale projects with colleagues, then it's time we got to know each other. InTra eG is keen to hear from professional translators with specialist expertise and team skills who are interested in and enjoy the challenge of shaping a company's future.


We are always glad to offer students the opportunity to do placements in our offices.

  • Students who work with our project management team learn at first hand all the steps involved in managing a translation project (submitting an offer, accepting orders, settlement and project administration);
  • Interns in our language department can produce translations themselves in their own native language.

We offer placements to two to three students every year. As a placement with InTra eG usually lasts three to six months, it is a good idea to apply as soon as possible. Placements are salaried positions.

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