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Banking, finance & insurance

Banking, finance and insurance texts often deal with extremely complex issues. What's more, banks, insurance companies and management consultancies often also use their documents as their calling cards. InTra, as a language service provider with the necessary expertise and genuine feel for language, helps you to produce texts in the target language which accurately convey the contents of the original and which shed the very best light on your company on the international stage.

InTra – the benefits

Risk-free translations

  • InTra works with specialist translators who have graduated in business administration, who have benefited from years of work in the financial and insurance industries and who make sure they keep abreast of the latest developments in their field of expertise (such as IFRS, Basel III)
  • When necessary, InTra can also deploy several language experts who work in parallel to translate very long documents in a short space of time

Our translations include:

  • Annual financial statements
  • Credit agreements
  • Presentations
  • Damage reports
  • Insurance conditions
  • Many other types of text in the banking, finance and insurance fields


"We have been working with InTra eG for over 10 years and have always been satisfied with the translations they provide us. We are therefore glad to recommend the services of InTra eG."

Ingrid Knaust, Commerzbank

"We were very satisfied indeed with the first job we gave to InTra ‒ the translation of the annual report of our American parent company MMC Inc., New York. Professional translations, punctual delivery plus cordial and competent liaison partners always make it very easy for us to place follow-on orders with InTra eG. We are so glad to have found such a flexible and reliable partner."

Thomas Müller Chief Financial Officer, MARSH

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