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Development cooperation & social services

NGOs and state-run or church-based development agencies inevitably engage with many international bodies, so they need translations on a regular basis – in many cases in non-European languages as well. Development agencies work in a wide variety of fields and consequently produce all sorts of different documents: strategy papers and conceptual frameworks, applications for project funding, monitoring and evaluation reports or guidelines for employees working abroad.

The variety of subject areas and the political relevance of many documents mean that translators need broad general knowledge and a keen appreciation of the sensitive political nature of many issues and how they can be most accurately conveyed. InTra's translators have the political insight and linguistic competence to ensure that government and non-government organizations work successfully together.

InTra – the benefits

Expertise in non-European languages too

  • Specialist translators with many years of experience in state-run and non-state development aid
  • High level of translation expertise in non-European languages for which there is infrequent demand

Our translations include:

  • Applications for financing
  • Project progress and completion reports
  • Strategy papers
  • Many other types of text in the development aid and social services field


"InTra has been translating specialist texts from English, French and Spanish into German for GIZ's own language department in the field of development cooperation since 2008. Thanks to InTra's competent and friendly collaborative working style, its flexibility and commitment, its careful research and assured sense of style, we will doubtless continue to rely on the company's proven translation services in the future too."

Jonathan Phillips, Corporate Communications Head of Language Division (Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GmbH)

"We've been placing translation work with InTra eG for a number of years ‒ mainly into and out of English, French and Spanish. We very much appreciate InTra's friendly, competent and flexible staff and the fact that we can always rely on translations being delivered on time, however tight the deadline."

Maren Bartel, Business Cooperation Officer Public Relations Department

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