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Exact translations

for the exact sciences.

Life sciences and medicine

There can be few other fields in which communication has such an immediate impact on peoples' lives as medicine and the life sciences. For a successful diagnosis, for example, it is essential that computer tomography settings are translated exactly right. The wording of dosage instructions on patient information leaflets has a direct effect on a patient's recovery. This is one reason why the manufacturers of medical equipment and pharmaceutical drugs are subject to such tough product liability regulations. That alone ought to be a good enough reason to make sure that nothing is left to chance when translating documents. InTra is just the partner you need to tackle these challenges. InTra's translators are acutely aware of their responsibility for taking the utmost care when translating your texts.

InTra – the benefits

Medically trained translators

  • Technical translators with the right scientific backgrounds who regularly read scientific journals to keep abreast of all the latest developments in medicine and the life sciences.
  • If necessary InTra also draws on the services of external professionals (physicians and scientists) to clarify technical issues.

Our translations include:

  • Medical examinations
  • Operating instructions and manuals for medical equipment
  • Patient information leaflets for pharmaceutical drugs
  • Articles for scientific journals
  • Many other types of text in the life sciences and medical fields


"InTra has been translating our lab technology product catalogs, contractual documents and quality assurance texts for many years. InTra has always proved to be an extremely reliable partner which produces top quality translations. We are very glad to recommend them."

Doris Jakobi, Print media and sales documents, Hettich Lab Technology

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