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Mechanical & process engineering

Companies operating on international markets produce a huge number of technical texts, from the design phase to product development and sales. Documents and texts are produced for a wide range of different target groups ‒ from foreign subsidiaries to business partners and customers. The requirements this entails are all met by InTra translators who have the necessary industry-specific knowledge, an absolute command of technical terminology, and also familiarity with the business processes of international companies. What's more, InTra's experts have an excellent understanding of how your products work, enabling them to write accurate descriptions of technical innovations in the target language.

InTra's technical translators are supported by integrated translation systems. These not only ensure that terminology and wording are used consistently, but also enable translators to use previously translated text modules. The time and costs saved in the process ultimately benefit InTra's customers.

InTra – the benefits

Working methods

  • InTra uses industry-standard CAT tools to produce precise and terminologically accurate translations
  • InTra works with translators who have acquired specialist knowledge during their technical training and from years of experience working in industry
  • InTra arranges for documents to be translated into several languages in parallel by a multilingual team of translators

40 years of expertise

InTra has over many years built up its core competences in

  • automotive
  • electrical and production engineering
  • woodworking machinery
  • logistics
  • medical technology
  • process control
  • quality assurance
  • machine tools
  • mechanical engineering

Our translations include:

  • Standards, specifications and performance requirements
  • Operating and maintenance instructions
  • Manuals
  • Presentations
  • Numerous other types of text


"InTra eG translates marketing texts and technically-oriented press releases for the Brose Group's corporate communications. InTra's translators consistently meet our stylistic requirements. At the same time, InTra eG has also established itself as a reliable partner by producing professional translations of standards, specifications and general technical documentation. We are glad to recommend InTra eG translating services."

Thomas Jörg, Development Standards Brose Group/Standardization

"Contracts, general terms and conditions, correspondence and other demanding texts ‒ InTra eG has been translating them for us quickly, reliably and to consistently high levels of quality for many years now. We hope and trust we will be able to continue working together just as well in the future."

Meike Maier, Richard Fritz GmbH & Co. KG

"InTra eG has been translating very difficult technical documentation for us for many years. We have always been very satisfied with the quality and deadline compliance ‒ even with very urgent orders ‒ which InTra offers. Whenever I contact the company I always find myself talking to friendly and competent staff. We are glad to recommend InTra eG."

Christine Lehrer, LTG Aktiengesellschaft

"We have been working with InTra eG for over 20 years and have no hesitation in recommending the company. Quality, delivery reliability and flexibility all make InTra eG a reliable partner."

D. Keck, Secretary, Company Management, Nedo Gmbh & Co. KG

"Kompetent, zuverlässig und flexibel - mit diesen Eigenschaften überzeugt die InTra eG."

Christina Kaulhausen Unternehmenskommunikation für IVM Automotive, EdCar Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

"Competent, reliable and flexible ‒ all attributes that speak persuasively for InTra eG."

Christina Kaulhausen Unternehmenskommunikation für IVM Automotive, EdCar Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

« Compétence, fiabilité et disponibilité – trois qualités qui font la force d’InTra eG ».

Christina Kaulhausen, Communication d’entreprise pour IVM Automotive, EdCar Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

"I can't yet say all that much about long-term collaboration with BITZER: our company only started working with InTra eG after I joined BITZER fairly recently. However, I was always glad to work with InTra when I was with my previous company, Leukhardt, in Tuttlingen. That proved to be such a good arrangement that in future all the translations which BITZER needs will be handled by InTra. I think the facts speak for themselves. The company completes work reliably and on time, and I am also particularly impressed with the qualified translations InTra produces in highly specialized subject areas. The quality of InTra's work speaks for itself. Orders are managed perfectly from the moment they are accepted through to final "delivery"

Ingrid Moosmann, Management

"InTra eG has been translating technical operating instructions and texts for us for many years. The company's translators always work conscientiously and ask for clarification if they are unsure about any technical terminology. Also, they always complete translations on time. Working with InTra is a very pleasant experience and we would be glad to recommend them to others."

Elke Weisser, Sales Assistant, Conveying Equipment

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