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Demanding specialist texts can only be translated by people who have in-depth knowledge of their subject areas and years of experience, as well as an outstanding command of the language. InTra has been doing this for over 40 years now.

InTra works with over 150 carefully chosen qualified translators who have acquired specialist expertise during their training and careers. Our translators only work in subject areas which they are familiar with. This means that you can be confident that your texts will be translated accurately, in the style appropriate for your readership.

InTra – the benefits

Giving quality a second look

InTra's translators apply the standards recognized in the translation industry ‒ such as the German standard DIN EN 15038. In addition, we also have our translations double-checked by a second translator to be absolutely sure that they meet our quality expectations.


You always know who is working for you

The quality of InTra's translations is also enhanced by setting up a team of designated translators and proofreaders for every single one of our customers. This means that the same language experts always work on your texts to produce stylistically and terminologically consistent end products.

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